Terms and Conditions

PartyTools is an honest, friendly and no hidden costs company, that has been rewarded with the trust from our regular and returning clients. Our promise is to deliver what we say we deliver and exceed your expectations.To make it even easier for us to understand each other, we made some points below to keep you up to date with what is the procedure and responsibilities when hiring our events equipment and services.


We will ask you to pay a non-refundable deposit of £100 + vat for any of our services to secure the date. Once the deposit is transferred to our account or to our PayPal account, it will be non-refundable unless it is agreed, before the payment was made, with the client or if we cannot give you a service that was agreed. By paying the deposit, client agrees to pay the remaining amount for the services 10 days before the event.


When hiring our equipment, our responsibility is to make sure that the equipment is in full working order. By paying the deposit, client agrees to be liable for the equipment during the period of the hire. Any damage or loss of the equipment, the client will have to cover the costs for parts and labour if equipment needs fixing or replacing.


We are fully responsible for the food provided by us, that’s why we use only reputable and highly rated suppliers. We do not take any responsibility when clients supply their own food.

Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions.