Bar hire for Private Parties

A fun and professional way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or simply life!

Private Party Bars For Hire

Party Tools offer bar services for different kind of events. Private parties are different from corporate events and weddings, because there usually is more flexibility and the atmosphere is more relaxed. It is usually easier in many ways for us too. For example, loading bays in City of London or Excel can take hours to unload and load. Whereas, private parties are usually in marquees, terraces or back gardens with easy access, which means less staff and less expenses. The best part is that the level of service is the same but the price lower. Contact us now via the form below. Fill in all the fields to get a few quotes with different choices and pictures of what we could offer for your party.

BLADE BAR Experience Why do we call it Blade? Because the draught beer dispensing machines are called Blade. We will tell you, why the machines are so special. They take seconds to set up and change a keg. Extremely easy to use and they look brilliant. Whats more, depending on size of the party we will give you 2 to 4 of them with choices of Heineken and Birra Morretti. What you hire is not only  beer. You are hiring the whole experience. The set up, the brewery fresh draft beer and beautiful presentation. Enquire now!

  • 6 x 8 litre kegs 3 x Heineken & 3 x Birra Morretti (84 pints)
  • 2 x Blade machines
  • Bar with fridge, pint glasses, decorations and lighting
  • Delivery, set up, collection & cleaning
  • *additional 8L kegs only £34.99+vat

Price for all of the above – £625+vat (£750 inc VAT)

Self Service Bar. This bar is what it says it is. You just go to a bar and pour yourself an ice cold pint. Easy to use, rustic looking and no need for a bartender. So much fun, right? What it could be even more fun? How about having a Porn-Star Martini on tap. What about Prosecco on tap? Yes, that’s right. You can have it all. A wide choice if craft beers, a choice of cocktails, red and white wine, and of course a prosecco on tap. This party will not suck! 

  • You can look at beer keg prices or enquire about cocktails, wine and prosecco prices via call or email below
  • Package includes the self serve bar with all the dispensing equipment, pint and cocktail glasses, delivery, set up, collection and cleaning costs – £458.25+vat (£549.90 inc VAT) 
  • *Drinks are not included in price

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