Free Bar Hire

Free Bar hire is very similar to Full Bar Service Hire. You get everything the same, but the only difference is that the client doesn’t pay full amount up front. Client pays a deposit of £750 + VAT. Then, the guests of the party will pay for their drinks as in any other bar. When £1500 is spent at a bar, this means that the client gets full deposit back. Drinks prices at our bar will be very similar to your local pub’s prices.
Another option is for client to prepay certain amount, lets say £1500 (or can be any other amount) and once the tab runs out, the guests will pay for their own drinks as at the normal Pay Bar.

*We take a deposit from a client to cover costs for delivery, staff booked, opened drinks and other preparation expenses. Furthermore, we refund the deposit if agreed amount is spent by guests at a bar. STRICTLY NO OWN DRINKS ALLOWED.

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