All in One Beer Dispenser

All in One beer dispenser hire is not as good as the pub style beer dispenser. However, you don’t necessarily need a very good beer dispensing system at all times. Some small parties will require a simple, mobile and easy to set up dispenser that can pour cold beer.

When is it good to order the all in one unit?
All in One beer dispenser means that it has all of the following built in: beer cooler, air pump & tap. It is incredibly easy to get the beer out of the keg. All you need is to connect the keg coupler (which comes with the unit) to the keg, pour one pint of beer and plug it in to the power socket. In 10-15 minutes you can pour an ice cold beer. Mostly suitable for small events like after work office drinks, house and birthday parties.


When we say it is not the best dispenser, what do we mean?
This unit can be difficult to control, which means if the beer is frothy, then there is little we can do. The reason for frothy beer can be because pump has too much pressure or too little pressure and we cannot control that, like we could with gas bottle. Furthermore, because it is all in one unit, it doesn’t need gas. It is a good thing, that it is very easy to set up, no pipes and no gas bottle to attach, because it has an integrated air pump. The downside is that it takes in the air we breathe, which is not very clean and once the beer keg is tapped, will only last 1-2 days. Because of the polluted air, the lifespan of that keg will shorten from 10-14 days to 1-2 days. Also the pump is louder and not as good looking as the other beer dispenser.


All in One one tap beer dispenser hire – £89+vat

All in One double tap beer dispenser hire – £129+vat

Delivery, set up & collection – from £60+vat.