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Fresh beer for 30 days at 2°C

Blade Bar Hire

PartyTools teamed up with Heineken to create this fun, attractive and professional bar service. Unlimited wine, spirits, prosecco, cocktails, bottled beer and draft beer of course. The hire include mobile bar as below, professional staff, glassware, all of the bar equipment that is needed for your event and of course Blade. These ultimate draft beer machines are easy to use and take seconds to install. Draught beer lovers will be amazed by the design of the machines and the quality of the beer. That is a promise! You can find many more pictures on our social media of the actual dispensers.

Full Service Blade Bar Hire include:

  • Mobile bar
  • Blade – 8 litre countertop draught beer machines
  • Bar equipment and bar tools
  • Delivery, set up, collection & cleanings costs
  • Professional Bartenders
  • Unlimited wine, prosecco, spirits, cocktails, soft drinks and draft beer 
  • Prices from £10 per hour per guest.

Self Service Blade Bar

We have done many corporate events, high profile private parties as well as weddings and other beautiful celebrations. What we have learned is that people love to be served, looked after, being relaxed and enjoy the party.

However, did you see the faces of your colleagues being in charge of pouring a pint for their boss? Or people having fun serving their own drinks at a party, but using professional state of the art tools? No queue, no waiting, just pouring yourself ice cold beer. Of course, there will always be someone to look after in case anybody needs help. Check out the bar below.

Self Service Blade Beer Bar £950+vat

  • Minimum of 4 x Blade Beer Machines depending on number of people
  • 8 x eight litre beer kegs which works out 112 pints of beer or 14 pints per keg
  • Birra Morretti, Heineken and Zero % alcohol beer if required
  • Pint glasses
  • Beer stand with decorations and lighting
  • Professional bartender to look after for 5 hours
  • Additional kegs cost £34.99+vat

Blade Bundle: No Bar – No Problem!

You can hire Blade Machines and Beer Kegs without bar and staff. Simply hire 4 x Blade beer dispensers and minimum 8 x eight litre (14 pints) beer kegs for your event. We will deliver, set up, show you how to operate and how to change the kegs. Keep it up to 3 days and we will come to collect them when agreed. It takes seconds to set up, change a keg and pour a pint!

Blade Bundle – 4 x machines, 8 kegs (112 pints), pint glasses, delivery, set up & collection – £599+vat

Additional kegs at £34.99+vat per 8 L keg

Chills beer to 2°C. Temperature of beer in glass 3°C


The Flex Keg is an innovative barrel


Serve up to 14 pints or up to 28 half pints


Keg volume – 8 litre beer. Blade kegs are delivered in a box. The box dimensions are 209 x 215 x 381,5 mm


Just plug and enjoy. Energy consumption 70 Watt. Noise level < 70 dB


Blade serves beer that stays fresh for 30 days at 2°C, thanks to an innovative air compression system that doesn’t require CO2


Blade Introduction Video

Blade Quick Install Guide

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