Buy a Beer Dispenser

Buy a draught beer dispensing / cooling system for your home or office. We only sell best quality beer dispensing equipment, which not only looks good, but easy to set up, maintain and serve ice cold beer. Furthermore, the white beer bar can be ordered with the system.

Draught beer dispensing / cooling system – £1199+vat (£1438,80 inc VAT)
White wooden beer bar as in the picture above, made by us – £599+ vat (£719 inc VAT)

Complete home bar beer dispensing system comes with:

  • single line beer cooler
  • single beer tap
  • gas regulator
  • keg coupler
  • bottle of gas enough for 8 kegs
  • pipes and other fixtures and fittings.


Why buy from us?

We will deliver and install free of charge if in London area. We provide 1 year warranty for all parts. The beer coolers are dry block coolers, which don’t need any water and this means no mess and no waiting time for it to get cold. With dry block coolers, it takes only 15 minutes to get an ice cold pint of beer. If you decide to go for more lines, then the system will include water coolers.

For double, triple or more line systems, please enquire via email or via contact us.