BBQ Menus

Let us introduce you to our carefully selected BBQ Menus!

PartyTools offer exclusive BBQ catering in London and surrounding areas for corporate events, weddings and private parties. Having 100 years of experience between our top BBQ chefs and only the best British quality food suppliers, will leave any foodie impressed. PartyTools beautiful presentation and professional staff will take your celebration to the next level.

PartyTools BBQ food is delicious as it is very high quality. The meats come from Britain’s best butchers, fish and seafood come from the  Billingsgate Market on the morning of the event and everything is prepared freshly at a location of the party by our professional BBQ chefs.

When we say BBQ menu, we mean that we include: meats, salads, breads and sauces. We have vegetarian, halal and vegan options available if some or all of your guests would be asking for it. Let’s discuss and find a best option for you!

Please look at the tabs above to choose which BBQ menu you would like to go for or email us now if you would like to tell us what you want so we can create a tailored menu for you!

Have a break, enjoy your party and let PartyTools take care of the rest. We will be glad to! Lets rock that party!