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Draft Beer Specialists

Professional beer dispensing and cooling equipment for festivals, private & corporate events

Professional BBQ & Chef Catering service

Professional chefs, top quality equipment, award winning food suppliers & beautiful presentation.

Party Tools – Mobile Bars, Keg Hire, BBQ & Chef Catering

Party Tools specialise in Mobile Bar Hire, offer amazing BBQ Catering Service with top BBQ Chefs and install professional Draft Beer Equipment, from small office parties to huge festivals. Contact Us Now!

What is a mobile bar hire service?

Party Tools have the actual bars that we can bring to your wedding venue, office, back garden or a festival. We can supply: bars, glassware, some of the best staff in London, drinks and more. In other words, we bring a fully functioning bar to you.

What is a draft beer service for?

Draft beer dispensing / cooling equipment hire include: coolers, fonts, gas, pipes, couplers and regulators. But you don’t need to know that. Party Tools will come and install beer taps anywhere you like, so you and your guests can have an ice cold pint of beer.

What is a BBQ catering service?

It is a fun service that everybody loves. Our professional BBQ chefs will bring it all: full service set up with gazebos, grills, serving tables, plates, cutlery, chafers, napkins and all the cooking equipment. Seating and other equipment available for hire.

We sell beer kegs!

Party Tools have the widest range of beer brands available to be delivered for your event, office or celebration. We can offer kegs from Guinness, Peroni & London Pride to more speciality beers such as Camden Hells, Meantime Lager & Neck Oil.

Our Services

Mobile Bar Hire

Mobile Bar and service hire for corporate and private events. With skilled bartenders to serve up to 1000 plus guests! And we clean after ourselves after the party. There is nothing to worry about, just party.

BBQ Catering

Professional BBQ Catering hire in London and surrounding areas. A delicious, innovative cuisine that will exceed your guest’s expectation and make your event special and memorable. All aimed to take you away with the freshness.

Draft Beer Hire

Beer Keg Hire with beer dispensers, which are installed by trained professionals who have the skills to adapt multiple event requirements. With a pub-style draft beer dispenser, you will get the best quality cold pint, just like in the pub.

Start the BBQ Fire

For the special occasion that requires the first class experience

We Get It Done

Corporate Events

Our corporate package is tailored to ensure each event gets the exact requirement it deserves. Whether you are having a formal event for your high profile business associates or holding an informal get-together such as end of year parties or team building functions, we are passionate and dedicate to make your event a huge success. Our professional and experienced staff will treat your guests with utmost courtesy and respect, ensuring an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Furthermore, the drinks and food served will be of the highest quality and from high reputation suppliers only.


A day to cherish and to remember, to promise and to love, it is a day you intend to make it colourful and memorable… and so do we. We know how important this day is to you. That’s why our experienced staff with utmost attention to every single detail custom design your wedding day to make it extra special. Let us boost the joyful atmosphere with friendly and professional service of tasty cocktails, soft drinks, ice cold draft beer and undeniably delicious food. Allow us give your big day that special something ensuring your guests will remember it for the right reasons.

Private Parties

At Party Tools we understand how hard it can be to host a private party. This is why our experienced staff is dedicated to the success of your party no matter the location and the occasion. We help you in any way possible in planning your party, select the finest drinks to suit the occasion and create delicious cuisine. Sit back, relax and enjoy your party. Let us worry about food and drinks. Whats more, your guests will be impressed with our professional and friendly staff, who are very experienced in what they do, by looking after them and creating an unforgettable atmosphere.

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