Make Your Own BBQ

BBQ menus are made so it is easy for you to order and do not have to worry if you missed anything and what amounts should you get. Menus include it all: right amounts a range of meat per person, plus salads, breads and sauces. However, if you would like to make your own tailored menu, then please see below and choose what you like.

Breads & Sauces will be added with your food automatically.

The PT Burger, 6 oz – £6+vat

BBQ Sausage dog – £4.5+vat

Corn fed Chicken wings & thighs 1 kg – £9.50+vat

Hickory Smoked pulled pork 300 g – £12+vat

Pork ribs 300 g – £12+vat

Whole cuts:

Chateaubriand 1 kg – £90+vat

T-bone steak 1 kg – £85+vat

Lamb leg 3 kg – £120+vat

Whole salmon fillet 1 kg – £60+vat

Tuna 2 kg – £85+vat

Swordfish 2 kg – £85+vat

King Prawns 2kg – £65+vat

Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato – POR

Pulled Jack Fruit per 20 ppl – POR

Charred Jerk Cauliflower Steak x 10 – £30+vat

Young Sweet Heritage Carrots 1 kg – £15+vat

Hot-dog Zuchinni – £3.5+vat

Foiled Grilled Chestnut Field Mushrooms 1.2 kg – £14+vat

Corn on the cob 1 kg – £15+vat

Halloumi Cheese 300 g – £8.00+vat

Summer green salad

Grilled ratatouille

Whole vegetables out of the grill sliced and diced

New potato salad with a hint of mustard, spring onions & chives

Pickled slaw

Spinach & pine nut pasta salad

Fruity sweet chili rice tossed with peas, raisins and peanuts

Heritage  tomato and buffalo mozzarella & basil salad

Caesar salad

Home baked beetroot salad with walnuts and pomegranates on a bed of fresh rocket

* Salads will come in large bowls and trays, which are big enough for around 40 guests.


Beetroot chickpea walnut salad

New potato salad (with coconut yogurt)

Pepper & rice salad

Violife mozzarella & tomato salad

Grilled asparagus, peas & beans salad

Optional Extras

Taco Bar

A Taco Bar gives guests a choice of their favorite fillings and fixings. They can choose from pulled pork, chicken, radishes, lettuce, coriander, cheese, creme fraiche, salsas and a squeeze of lime.

£149 per 30 guests


Italian Meat Platter

A large platter of three different types of Italian salami, thinly sliced prosciutto, black & green olives, Italian rustic bread, olive oil to drizzle and black pepper to sprinkle.

£119 per 30 guests


Rustic Cheese Board

A selection of cheeses, pickles, crackers, bread sticks, chutneys, dried fruits and nuts.

£149 per 30 guests

A Sweet Selection

Finish your meal on a naughty note with our selection of sweet bites.

Chocolate Petite Fours


Pop Eclairs

£149 per 30 guests

Professional Waiter

We suggest to hire a waiter per every 25 people attending an event. They will help with serving food & drinks, clearing & cleaning, and most important, they will keep the area clean and safe for your guests.

£100 per 5 hours of service. Every additional hour £20


Professional Bartender

Drinks are always a great addition to every BBQ. A bartender will take care of your drinks needs, whatever they are.

General bartender £100 per 5 hours of service. Every additional hour £20

Cocktail bartender £175 per 5 hours of service. Every additional hour £35


Professional BBQ Chef

You can hire a professional BBQ chef only for your event. We suggest 1 x BBQ chef per 30 people. We will ask you to provide a certain equipment and fresh food to guarantee quality service.

£200 per 5 hours of service. Every additional hour £40

Home Made Lemonade Bar

Refresh yourself and your guests with two choices of home made lemonade. We will supply the bar and dispensers, cups, straws, ice, garnish and beautiful presentation.



Pimm’s Bar

Color your event in Pimm’s. We will supply the bar and dispensers, cups, straws, ice, garnish and fruits.

£5 per person


Self Service Beer Bar

Get the beer flowing and don’t worry about serving. The guests will help themselves and pour an ice cold pint of your selected beer. For more information visit Self Service Beer Bar Hire.

Cocktail Bar

Any of our mobile bars will be a perfect addition to any occasion or an event. Get a keg of beer for your guests and make them impressed or treat them with a full cocktail bar service. Visit Cocktail/Mobile Bar Hire for more info.

Choose a bar you like from our Bars & Equipment page and create a remembering experience for your company.