American BBQ

American BBQ menu – £11 per person

6oz Yorkshire beef burgers with fried onions, cheese & bacon – Delicious BBQ ribs –
American style Hot-Dogs with choice of German or home made sausages

Optional: add a bowl of 30 BuFfalo BBQ wings for £55 – or – 30 portions of pulled pork at £49.
American style BBQ will take you from London to New York the moment you smell our chefs grilling those meats. Every guest will get a burger, a hot dog and some BBQ ribs, with corn on the cob, coleslaw, green salad, breads and sauces. To make it even more American, add some buffalo BBQ wings or pulled pork, to fill up even the hungriest ones.

To add more salads, meats, breads and sauces, please visit make your own page.