BBQ catering service up to 45 ppl

BBQ & Chef 5 hours service without food for up to 45 people – £999 + VAT

Our chefs will come with all the equipment about 45 minutes before the start of the service to set everything up, our professional chef will prepare and cook the food, wait until everyone eat, start packing up, safely and quietly leave the party, leaving area clean and tidy. Please check our BBQ Menus page to add food to the service.

BBQ & Chef 5 hour service for up to 45 people, include:
2 Professional BBQ chefs for 5 hours service time, industrial size BBQ grill, gas, 1 gazebo for chef to cover, BBQ stand for serving food, plates and cutlery, cooking equipment, 5 chafing dishes/hot plates, napkins, bread display basket, beautiful presentation, delivery, pick up and cleaning costs.