BBQ Catering

“You don’t need a silver fork to eat a good food” 

– Paul Prudhomme

If you’re hosting an outdoor event – be it a smaller party or a larger project – you can count on PartyTools to help you out with an amazing BBQ catering service! How does it work?

With our BBQ & Chef service you can expect us to handle everything related to the food side of things and furthermore as one of the leading BBQ party catering companies in London, we will provide all the equipment, staff, and food your event needs.


What can you expect?

With our full BBQ & Chef service, you can expect our professional BBQ chefs to arrive on time, bring high-quality industrial grills and gas for the grills. They will pop up our quality gazebos and install beautiful BBQ service and display stands. We will supply trestle tables, high quality plates, cutlery and all other cooking equipment. Food is going to look delicious in our custom build chafing dishes. Also you will get bread display baskets, napkins holders and other nice bits for a fabulous presentation. Service includes delivery, set up and collection fees, as well as cleaning cost. We promise you the best quality food that your guests will adore.

With our standard BBQ & Chef service, you can expect everything included in the full service, except the delicious food.

Please see our BBQ food menus  for more info on the best BBQ Catering in London!

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BBQ Service Options


Flexibility is one of our greatest strengths and this is why you can count on us to provide you with exactly the service you need. We offer the following options:

  • Full BBQ & Chef service (food included) –  our professional chefs will arrive with all the ordered food and equipment around 45 minutes before the party and set everything up, preparing and cooking the food just in time for the guests to eat. After their task is done, the chefs will pack up and leave the party in a discreet way, leaving no mess behind.
  • BBQ & Chef service (no food) – you provide the food, we handle the rest. Chefs will come with all the equipment 45 minutes before the event and set everything up, cook your food and make your day. After their task is done, the chefs will pack up and leave the party in a discreet way, leaving no mess behind. For more information, go to the ‘BBQ & Chef hire‘ page.
  • BBQ grills for hire – a perfect option for smaller events, this service involves only hiring a grill or two. You can do the cooking yourself or hire a BBQ Chef along with the grills, or maybe some hotplates or a trestle table. You decide what works best for you!


To round up what we do is not just grilling those beautiful meats and chopping some free range veggies. Our goal is to take the weight of your shoulders and completely take care of the food and serving side. There will always be 2 to 6 very experienced & professional chefs to create that delicious sizzling smell in your garden and satisfy your guests.

We will make it all to create your BBQ into a twinkling path toward BBQ food nirvana.