Q: How does beer system work?

Draft Beer dispensing / cooling system is very simple. This is how it works:
Gas goes into the keg to push the beer out of the keg. When beer goes from keg through the pipe into a beer cooler, it runs through chilled coils inside the cooler. Beer that comes out of the cooler, is already chilled to around 0 degrees and it goes straight to the tap. Ice cold pint of beer is ready to be served.

Q: Which beer system is best for me / my event?

It all depends on the size of the event, number of guests and how much beer you are looking to serve in what length of time. Pub Style system works for parties from 10 to around 400 people. Bigger events need festival style beer systems, with big remote coolers. All in One units are good for small 1 keg house parties, but does not look as good as the pub style system. Party-pump does not need electricity and can be a good solution for a beach party or a crazy house party.

Q: How to set up a beer system?

1. Connect Gas Regulator to a gas bottle, hand tight and then a little more with a spanner (don’t overdo it). 2. Connect a pipe to gas regulator and to a side of keg coupler. 3. Then another pipe to be connected to top of the keg coupler and to beer cooler. 4. The last pipe to be connected from beer cooler to a beer tap. 5. Click in the keg coupler into a keg, open gas, pour one pint of beer (for cooler to have some beer in it) and then turn on the cooler. If it is a water cooler, it takes around 2 hours for it to be ready to serve beer. If it is dry block cooler, it takes around 15 minutes until you can pour first pint of beer.